2024 Coaching.com SUMMIT «The Power of Human Connection» - Coaching Hub - 19/05/2024
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2024 Coaching.com SUMMIT «The Power of Human Connection»

28 мая - 13 июня

Each Year We Open Our Doors To Coaching’s Best

Harnessing the power of coaching is about unlocking human potential across the globe. Each year the Coaching.com Summit aims to be a beacon, illuminating the path for us all to empower individuals and organizations to reach their summit. It’s a commitment to coaching excellence and a shared vision that transcends borders and cultures.

Inside this community, our speakers and members are dedicated to progressing a global movement, where every coaching interaction becomes a catalyst for change, inspiring growth, innovation, and unprecedented achievements. Together we carry out our mission to activate potential and shape a brighter, more capable world.

2024 Summit Theme — The Power of Human Connection

In this new era of artificial intelligence, we explore new ways to embrace technology to empower the core of what makes coaching impactful — the human connection.

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